Saturday, May 15, 2010

7 days of ED

My husband left for a week long fishing trip and of course my Ed loves that - No more hiding - eat what I want, when I want and exercise as much as I want. I did aerobics this morning and plan on a long walk later since it will finally be in the 70's today and sunny!! Of course the goal of all this is to lose weight even though I should be doing the opposite. I just feel such a NEED to do this. I dropped out of treatment last Nov but have been seeing my family practice Dr for monthly check ups and my EKG's and blood work have been ok so that's good, I guess. I know if I went back to Melrose they would tell me I'm not doing well and need treatment. I feel like I'm 2 people- one person knows this is true, the other is in denial. (They would say that's the Ed part) It just feels like it's really ME!!! I maybe lost myself so long ago- eating, diet, exercise seems to be my life and all that's on my mind. IT's such an addiction. If anyone wants to leave comments I would appreciate it! Thanks!

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