Saturday, February 19, 2011

New name!

I was inspired by Angela to change the name of my blog. I don't want to be known as "My Ed/Anorexia" anymore. How dumb was that?! I am however, truly mixed up and I vacillate between recovery/no recovery. What do I really want?? Is that the question? All I know right now is that I'm very sick of all my negative feelings. Feelings of guilt and anger. Feeling negative and worthless. What I feel like doing is hibernating in bed and not coming out for about a week! Instead I'm on my way to a "step" class which I had said I would not do but also realize that exercise is something I don't ever want to get rid of! After that I 'm going to a baking class so at least I'm getting out of the house and it's COLD out today. Going out anywhere in the winter is not something I really enjoy but I will crank up the heat. Later!