Friday, June 11, 2010


I've had a rough week. My husband sometimes makes critical comments about the Food which doesn't help at all. It started with him taking away some lunch meat saying it was "light" and I shouldn't be eating that. I finally had a major blow out yelling a couple of nasty things:"your help, isn't helpful!". "just butt out of the food" and "it's because I have F------ anorexia!" I felt bad, but angry, and yet So good that I yelled at him. I'm sick of his "help" which isn't helpful and I'm sick of him acting like a "know it all"! So I sent him an e-mail- I stayed calm and gave him some suggestions on what I thought Would be helpful like being KIND, it's not about the food, etc., don't make comments about what I'm eating, just be glad I'm eating, "don't be the food police". Did this help? He chose not to respond at all and didn't talk to me for almost a week! We had our daughters graduation last Wed. so then he talked to me. OF course it was just chit-chat but at least he's being friendly again. I have not eaten with him since, but actually think I have eaten better without him. Marriage is hard to all you younger girls out there. Don't rush into it! I didn't marry until I was 26, but always feel like I gave up part of myself in the process. I have been married for 23 years this Dec. My husband's a Very nice man, people always make that comment, but he and I Both are kind of introverted so there's not a lot of communication going on! And talking about "ED" isn't really what I want to talk about with him!


  1. Hi Pen, thanks for commenting on my old blog a few weeks ago. I'm finally touching base with some of my commenters.

    Eating disorders are not only self-destructive but destructive to relationships. I'm sure your husband means well, he is probably worried out of his mind about you, and makes comments because he loves you. Both of you are just doing the best you can with what resources you have. You have been married for 23 years!!! If your husband didn't love you, he would probably have left years ago. Living with someone with an ED is no fun, I can attest to that.

    I do hope you are going for treatment, you deserve to have a happy healthy life, but you can't do it on your own. Believe me, I know how seductive the ED is. You need help to save both yourself and your relationship. I hope you will do whatever it takes to get better.

    Best wishes ~ Grace

  2. I am feeling motivated to give it another shot! Thanks!