Saturday, June 19, 2010

Discouraged with scheduling appointments!

I had my appointment yesterday at The Emily Program. I was there for 3 hours. I was interviewed - (having to talk about Everything all over again!) and they went over the results of the last testing which didn't show much (somewhat depressed, some anxiety, low self-esteem diagnosis: Anorexia). After that we just scheduled appointments. My first will be with a Doctor, but not until July 9th. The following week I'll see a therapist. I feel like the summer will be over and I'll have to go back to work, without having had hardly any treatment. I guess I was hoping to get into some kind of day program (2 -3 days a week since it's an hour drive both ways) to just focus on first of all being able to eat an actual meal! Maybe I should have just went back to Melrose. I cringe thinking about it, though. Treatment is frustrating and having to schedule all the appointments is also a hassle- especially if you don't live near the treatment facility! It's always difficult to get scheduled with everyone they want you to see on the same day. I really hope this is a good program. I heard it was and I also heard they were more willing to work with the patient and not pressure them so much. They also offer a lot of therapy (art, DBT, cognitive) and yoga classes which I would be interested in. I guess I'll have to practice patience until then!


  1. Good luck with the program. I really hope that it helps. I think it is great that you are reaching out for help. Keep taking baby steps, and they will turn into miles:)
    Take care,

  2. Thanks for your comments and I have really enjoyed reading your blog! I'm new at this so mine looks pretty plain next to yours! I work in SPED also (EBD) and am very glad to have the summer off!