Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm still here!

I haven't posted anything in ages! I have been very busy with work and finishing things up for the year. My last day of work is THURSDAY and then look forward to a relaxing (hopefully "ed" free) summer! I'm still struggling with the fricken ED voice- constantly scolding me and making me feel guilty. My daughter came home from college and immediately asked me if I was going back to the Emily Program. I looked at her, feeling so discouraged and asked if she really thought I needed to. "Yes mom," she said so I made an appt. Ugh! I am seeing a Dr and dietitian on June 20th so we'll see how that goes. My liver levels were elevated last time I had blood work done. Anyone know what that means? My EKG was also prolonged again. I guess it's just so hard to believe anything could possibly be wrong when I feel ok. I hate the torment inside, though. So...I will keep you informed and hope everything is going well for all of you out there too! I have found a new, really cool website called "Stumble upon" If you haven't been there check it out. It's so cool and fun! I love looking at all the crafts! I'm hoping to tap into my Crafty side this summer (if I have one!)


  1. what were your liver counts? Pretty common to have them slightly elevated, mine always are, along with a long QT on the EKG. Sometimes I feel like the drs are trying to "scare" me into heath with all the talk as I do feel ok for the most part, I probably have more out of range than in range for my counts. I think in some ways our bodies adjust to that. I am not at all saying it is a good thing and you should always learn about your out of range problems. Good luck and keep on pushing for health.

  2. I'm praying you will have an ED-free summer, too! Keep working on recovery - you will get there!

    If you want to chat personally, my e-mail is angelaelackey@gmail.com
    I would be happy to listen, etc. anytime!


  3. I'm so glad that you listened to your daughter! I really worry about your health, so I'm hoping and praying that you will find recovery. I know that you have the strength to do it. Enjoy your time off. I have 2 more weeks of summer school, then I'm off as well! Yay:)