Thursday, October 28, 2010

Still here! :)

I haven't posted in ages! Well, I'm still alive and I want to say I am still fighting my eating disorder by going to therapy,etc. but to be honest....I just don't feel like I want to give it up. Hmmm.... How do people do it I wonder? I do realize that it seems very stupid for my to base everyday on what my scale tells me. But that's what I do. I also know that in a lot of ways I've grown...all the therapy these last few years has left messages in my brain. I some how need to listen to them more I suppose! Well, I'm at work! It's conferences tonight so I'm working late. Take care ALl!


  1. I was just talking to my therapist about the same thing on Wednesday, about how I don't want to give up my ED. It's like an old friend or a security blanket. Or like being in a bad marriage. We stay because we are afraid of what else is out there. She says it's just because it's easier to focus on the ED than to deal with our childhood trauma/drama.

    Keep listening to the new messages! They are what's true, not the lies our ED tells us.

  2. I just saw my therapist yesterday and we talked about the same thing! I think you're right - it's like a security blanket. Keep up the good fight and I will as well!

  3. just found your blog. i'm looking forward to reading more. right away, i know the story with the scale. hard to understand the whole thing and how we all got here.

    i wonder about your most recent treatment. i've been in treatment for drugs and alcohol, but not my ED. i'm encouraging a young friend to get more care, but i don't know too much about what that entails.

    it such a common thing that we hang on to our eating disorders. i've given up drugs and alcohol but eating and my weight.....

  4. Hi Pen
    Hope you're doing well and that you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Let us know how you are!